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Having fun as an innovative Healthcare Executive building high-performing teams that accomplish great things...Let's share ideas.
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Take Ownership of Mistakes

As a leader, there are times when you will make a mistake.  Some are small, some are great, but all of them deserve the same response.  This is sometimes easier said than done.  It can be embarrassing to admit that you didn’t do the right thing. Often times, the people around you will feel defeated … Continue reading

Managers Focus on Fire Fighting, Leaders Focus on Fire Prevention

     There are many great examples of the differences between managers and leaders.  Let me be clear, I think that you must have both within an organization.  The ability to jump in and solve a problem or issue that is going on, is invaluable.  This is fire fighting. It takes someone that is calm under … Continue reading

Manage with Your Eyes, Not Your Ears

I was leading a team one time that was in a facility located about 40 miles from where my office.  I had noticed their performance numbers were lower than expected and had been slipping for some time.  Productivity was low, profitability had dipped, and customer satisfaction scores were plummeting.  I couldn’t figure it out. When … Continue reading

10 Basic Tenets of Leadership

There are some some basic ideas that I have formed over the years about leadership.  I have had the good fortune of being mentored by some really great leaders.  I have taken bits and pieces of their advice and developed ten basic tenets of leadership that I try to adhere to and pass on to … Continue reading

Want Respect? Simple, Lead by Example

One time I saw a leader give a riveting speech to his team.  He outlined the key points, set the vision, and had everyone of the team members excited about it.  I remember it very clearly, because he was asking his team to put in extra hours to meet a deadline.  He explained that the … Continue reading

Failure is the Mother of Success

There are no secrets to success In the words of Colin Powell, “There are no secrets to success.  It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”  I will admit something that may surprise you.  I am good at failure.  In fact, you might say that I have perfected it.  It’s true.  … Continue reading

Myth #1: The Customer Comes First

Newsflash for you.  The customer does not come first.  They are not always right, and they most certainly are not the most important person to your organization. There are certain myths that leaders are faced with and it’s important to recognize them, and talk about them, and tilt your head to look at them in … Continue reading

Instead of Using Manipulation to Get Results, Try Inspiration…It Lasts Longer

I remember when I was a young leader (Not that long ago), I thought manipulation was they key to success.  I would spend much of my time as a leader trying to build teams around the concept of manipulation.  And guess what?  It worked, nearly every time.  It became addicting.  It was like a drug, … Continue reading

Embrace Failure and Learn From it

There are literally thousands of articles and blogs on how to succeed in business.  But for every story of success in business, there is another story of failure.  According to a study by the Small Business Association approximately 44% of business survive after four years.  That is less than half. Business is about taking risks, … Continue reading

Poor Leaders have Great Excuses

It never fails.  When a leader fails to meet a deadline, or lead his team or accomplish a task, they always have a great excuse.  Each and every time I hear that excuse, it always sounds like a valid and understandable reason.  Things like, “I had too many other things on my plate, or the … Continue reading

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Mark Behl

Mark Behl

Having fun as an innovative Healthcare Executive building high-performing teams that accomplish great things...Let's share ideas.

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